7 Tips for A Peaceful Morning

1. get yourself ready first

7 Tips for a Peaceful Morning.

By Zia Bossenmeyer, Vice President of Organizables

  1. Allow yourself some time to get your own self ready in the morning.
    If it takes 45 min to an hour to get ready then set your alarm that much earlier before you wake up the kids. If not you run the risk of ending up with hair in a ponytail and walk out forgetting to put mascara on.
  2. Remain consistent.
    I’ve learned that adult bedtime may vary, I however to establish a morning routine make sure you get up at the same time every day. It sets that internal clock and makes it easier to get out of bed.
  3. The Snooze button gives you 10 minutes extra each day.
    Who doesn’t love or need the snooze button?! I like to go in and tell the kids it’s time to start waking up. Then 5-10 min later, ok it’s time to get out of bed and get dressed. The second time is when they really must stop sleeping and get out of bed.
  4. Get outfits and clothes washed and ready on the weekend.
    Typically with families there’s always something going on. Nights are full of dinner, homework, showers/baths, story and bed. That leaves very little time for much else. Working families have more free time on the weekends and relieves morning stress.
  5. Everybody needs a voice and to be heard.
    If mornings are currently full of fighting with an opinionated stylista get her involved. Sometimes fights can be about what she’s not going to wear (pants), or what she is going to wear (skirt/dresses in 40 degree weather or Cinderella/Spiderman costumes) If you face these problems, then get your child involved. When they’ve already picked out the outfits ahead of time, it eliminates the morning battles and they were involved in the weekend selection of clothes.
  6. Model flexibility.
    Children should learn that M-F they have the choice of which of the 5 outfits they will choose. Kids find comfort in knowing, “You don’t have to chose the right day of the week, but you do have to choose one of the 5.”
  7. After your kids are dressed have a relaxing breakfast.
    Breakfast truly is the most important time of the day. You get your metabolism going and studies show kids who eat breakfast do better in school. Choose healthy foods so they don’t have a sugar crash!

    After a healthy breakfast then you can head to school.

    1. Get yourself dressed first
    2. Consistent wake up time
    3. Allow them a little time to wake up
    4. Prepare outfits for the week on the weekend.
    5. Get your kids involved.
    6. Healthy Breakfast
    7. Off to school


    Do you have any advice or tips you would add to this morning routine?

    Feel free to let us know what works for your family Zia@organizables.com