Corporate Social Responsibility

Organizables Corporate Social Responsibility Activities


Organizables Vice-President, Zia Bossenmeyer, coordinates the Corporate Social Responsibilities activities.   She is a passionate animal advocate. She is active in fostering dogs and cats to find them new homes, speaking at city council meetings in response to legislation affecting our four-legged friends, as well as working with cities and animal advocates for shelter reform.

July 2016

Fund raised, fostered and found a home for Pearl. A dog abandoned in a dog park, sick and near death.


July 2014

Campaigned against breed specific legislation and mandatory spay/neuter legislation (Pasadena City Council Meeting).

June 2014


Took in a foster cat Memphis.

Met with city council member and commission to reform the local animal shelter.

April 2014

BSL Rally

Supported the anti breed specific legislation rally in Tustin, CA

March 2014

PPB Tank

Registered another 50 dogs for Project Pit Bull.

Feb 2014


Adopted foster cat, renamed Dinah.

Helped microchip 60 dogs Wildomar, CA with FTA Spay

Registered second 50 dogs for Project Pit Bull.

January 2014

PPB 2014

Attended the Pasadena City Council meeting with 350 other animal advocates to campaign against breed specific legislation and mandatory spay/neuter legislation.

Took in a new foster cat named Marshmallow.

Wrote a grant and successfully raised money for the 2nd Annual Project Pit Bull Event.  Raised enough funds for 200 pit bulls.  Helped promote the event, registered first 50 dogs for the event.