Organized Girls

Help your daughter look like a princess.

Sugar and Spice

but getting dressed is not nice…

Weekday mornings are not the best time to play dress-up. That ballerina princess costume was cute on the weekend, but maybe not for school.

Looking good takes effort, start out right with planning ahead.

You can end the fashion show before breakfast by starting the week with 5 pre-selected matching outfits to make clothing selections less of a surprise each morning.

Fashion Police

When the bus is coming and breakfast is on the table, you can be certain that your child will arrive dressed in looking adorable and fashionable. Children always have a preselected outfit ready for each day of the week.

Brightly colored hanging clothes bags easily organize your child’s clothing for the week ahead. They complement any child’s room or closet space.

Bling in a Bag

Clothes remain neat, clean and wrinkle-free while protected from mildew and spills. Zippered pockets hold socks, hair clips and jewelry.

Busy Bees

For busy young ladies, the weekend girls clothes organizer sets are perfect for dance activities on the weekends or organizing her suitcase before a trip to her grandparent’s house.


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"Our 4 year old son now looks properly dressed without my assistance. I never worry about him coming out of his room with green pants and an orange shirt! It's easy with a week's worth of outfits."