About Us

Vision Statement

Organizables vision is to be a company that provides quality service and products through an environment that promotes creativity and self-expression geared towards each employees unique talents.

Mission Statement

To provide organizational tools for families and individuals to create organized lives, so they experience peace and success!

About the Founders

Mother-Daughter Team


Zia Bossenmeyer, VP
“As I child I had a passion for organizing. There was one day I started cleaning and organizing my closet and the power I felt when I was done, was unbelievable and I never looked back. I had a working single mother who needed to get me out of the house in the morning, but I was quite opinionated about what I wanted to wear. I remember we fought about outfits, but after we picked out outfits together on the weekends, the fighting was eliminated. I was able to have 5 outfits that I personally got to choose.”

After studying visual arts in college I was very excited to start the product development process and refine our rather basic system into something fun, colorful, and sophisticated. My mother and I had a great time developing and refining our Mon-Fri bag sets, as well as coming up with the specialty bags that could be used on weekends or for sports/clubs uniforms.

We are both so proud to offer a system that will assist families in creating peaceful mornings, where kids feel independent and can pick out coordinated outfits, know their days of the week, and be self sufficient from a young age. I think our bags are creative and easy to use!


Melinda Headshot

Melinda Bossenmeyer, President

“As a mother, I can tell you first hand the difficulties I’ve faced in getting children out the door in the morning. I’ve dealt with missing belts, no socks, one shoe missing, kids wanting to wear particular outfits that are inappropriate, or knowing that the missing shoe is going to cause me to be late for work. I was also a single mother, and know the difficulties of transferring clothing back and forth between two homes. That is what led me to develop Organizables ‘Children’s Clothes Organizers’.

In 1995, I was a Principal at an Elementary School in Murrieta, California. I was a single mom and needed my kids to be out of the house by 7 am and off to preschool/day care so I could make it to work on time. As a Principal you can’t be late. After trial and error with several different systems, I found one that worked. Getting outfits picked out and organized in hanging bags eliminated the morning struggle and we were out the door dressed quickly and peacefully.

I used a very basic system when the children were little. Now that my children are grown, my daughter helped me to create and design a fun and colorful bag series that families will love.

“I am proud to have developed this system for other families to use successfully, to have peaceful mornings.”