Organize Your Child’s Room

Organize Your Child’s Room

Written by Zia Bossenmeyer, VP of Organizables

Typically I find the room in the house that is the most disorganized and in need of the most help is a child or toddler’s room. Here are a few simple guidelines and steps to help you tackle organizing your child’s room.


  1. Reduce the amount of toys.
    First, reduce toys amount WITH the assistance of your child. Ask them which toys they don’t play with and would be willing to let go of. You will be pleasantly surprised! Then with the toys that are left over, make sure that you have a place for everything and everything has a place. Make sure you have bins or a chest for toys. If they all don’t fit in the designated areas, it’s time to reduce more. One thing I learned is kids don’t actually play with a lot of their toys after the first day. Fewer toys means more space!

  3. Organize the clothes.
    Keeping an ongoing system for reducing clothes is the best method. In the laundry area keep a bin for items that need to be repaired and items they’ve grown out of or stained and are ready to be donated. This way you always keep the most current items around and are thinning out the ones you don’t need on a consistent basis. Second, if you have children that are of elementary age it’s the perfect time to introduce them to Organizables. When you are doing your laundry, take clothes straight from the dryer and hang them in the Monday thru Friday bags. You will have completely coordinated outfits ready to go in the mornings. Also keep a bin either in a great locale in the bathroom where they undress, , that way you keep the play space free of clutter while forming a lifelong habit.
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  5. Décor
    When decorating a kid’s room, make sure you stick to certain color themes and décor themes, IE Blue & Silver and Cinderella. When you stick to one theme, the look is a lot more cohesive and less hodgepodge. Also with kids it’s easier to avoid a lot of knickknacks on the counter top spaces.
    Remember that kids bring home a lot of art from school. Consider framing multiple pieces with a same-colored frame for an upgraded chic look. If the child is crafty, set up a crafts table and special corner with art supplies.

Do you have any tips you’ve found helpful in organizing your child’s room? Please share your tips